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Addiction vs. Dependence – What’s the Difference?

Addiction vs. Dependence Addiction is a chronic, typically relapsing, brain disease that affects the reward structure of the brain, causing compulsive drug use and seeking behaviors, despite suffering the negative consequences associated with addiction. Drug addiction is considered a brain disease because, over time and abuse, it changes the function and structure of the brain. […]

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What Does Being a Dry Drunk Mean?

Dry Drunk Anytime someone breaks their addiction to alcohol and becomes sober, there is a reason for optimism and hope for their future. Up until that point, life was likely distressing and unpredictable for both the drinker and his or her loved ones. So, it naturally follows that by stopping drinking, life for everyone around

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What is Flakka Drug?

Bright Future Recovery serves Northern California, Central California, Southern California and the U.S. with evidence-based, whole person and affordable addiction rehab services associated with alcohol and drug abuse. We are happy to share valuable addiction recovery information. Questions about Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Recovery? Call Bright Future Recovery at (831) 245-1623 for a Confidential Consultation. We Can Help. Table of Contents

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