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Drug and Alcohol Detox for Your Son or Daughter: First Steps for Parents to Take to Get Your Child Addiction Help

If your son or daughter has fallen into a bad crowd and began abusing drugs or alcohol, you may be wondering how to help them. Most people will say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. This is probably the truest statement ever made about addiction recovery. If you don’t think you have a problem, you won’t look to get the help you need. But, what happens when your child doesn’t see the problem while you do? How do you help someone see that they have a problem?

This article will be a guide to addiction treatment from parents by showing you the best steps to take in helping your son or daughter recover from their addiction and go on to lead healthy and happy lives. When dealing with your child’s addiction it is important to never blame yourself for their addiction, but work toward helping them recover.

Hold an Intervention

The first step to helping your child overcome drug and alcohol addiction is to get them to see their use of these substances as a problem. You can do this by holding an intervention with family and friends. There are counselors and other individuals who specialize in helping families hold interventions for their loved ones. It is important to follow the guidance of these individuals to maintain a safe environment for all involved.

During the intervention friends and family members will each take turns discussing the issues of your child’s addiction. You can discuss topics such as how they feel when your child misses important events or gatherings, the financial burden of their addiction, the damage they are doing to their body and mind, and any other issues that have arisen from your child use of drugs or alcohol.

Drug and Alcohol Assessment and Screening

Once you have shown your child the damage they are doing to themselves and those they love, it is time to meet with an addiction recovery facility and have an evaluation done. During this evaluation your child will be asked a series of question regarding their substance use. They will be asked psychological question and have a physical evaluation done as well.

Once the evaluation has been completed, the staff will then design a long-term addiction treatment plan tailored to the needs of your child. Many substance abuse issues can arise from co-occurring disorders such as depression or anxiety. When designing the treatment plan staff will address these issues by teaching healthy coping skills.

Medically Supervised Drug and Alcohol Detox

Once the evaluation has been completed, the next step is rid the body of the substances that have been abused. Many people think that they can help their loved one detox from drugs or alcohol at home by simply preventing them from accessing the substances. Research has shown that quitting drugs or alcohol cold turkey can be dangerous. Detoxing from substances without proper medical attention can result in life-threatening conditions such as seizures. Many addicts will attempt to “dry out” at home but find that the withdrawal symptoms are too much and often return to using the substances to make the symptoms stop.

Once you have made the decision to help your child overcome their addiction, it is important to contact a California drug and alcohol detox program. These programs are designed to help your child detox from the substances their bodies are accustomed to in a medically supervised environment.

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The staff will help your child cope with the withdrawal symptoms by using medications that can provide relief from the most painful symptoms. They will also continuously monitor them for any adverse health conditions that may arise during the detox process.  A medically supervised detox program will ensure that your child safely detoxes and is ready for the rest of the addiction recovery process.

Build a Long-Term Recovery Plan

Chances are your child’s addiction didn’t happen overnight and neither will their recovery. Addiction can be a result of many underlying factors that were discovered during the assessment phase of your child’s recovery. These underlying factors will need to be addressed as part of your child’s long-term recovery plan. Each patient will be given a recovery plan that is tailored to their specific individual needs to ensure that they are on the right path toward a sober and healthy life.

Many addiction treatment facilities will utilize several therapies and medications to treat depression, anxiety, and stress that may act as a trigger for relapse. At Bright Future Recovery, we focus on the whole person rather than just the addiction. We focus on therapies, activities, and coping skills to set your child up for a bright future with your family. The goal in these treatment plans is ultimately addiction relapse prevention once your child has completed the treatment program.

Relapse Prevention

Once your child has successfully completed a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program, it is important to help them prevent having a relapse. Be alert for signs of a potential relapse. These may include isolating themselves, refusing to take medications as prescribed, or even hanging out with their old crowd. By remaining alert, you can help them to get the treatment they need before a relapse occurs. Upon completing our addiction treatment program, your child will have all the tools needed to remain sober as well as a way to reach out for help in the future.

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Addiction doesn’t have to be the end for your child. By offering them the support and guidance to overcome their addiction, you are giving them a second chance at a happy healthy future. Bright Future Recovery is committed to helping your child recover from addiction with all the care and support necessary. The first step in helping your child with drug and alcohol addiction is to contact us today for more information on our detox and addiction treatment programs.

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