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Prescription Drug Abuse Among California Executives

California is a hotbed of technology companies, progressive startups, and many other high-profile companies with incredibly demanding work schedules for employees.

When most people think of drug abuse, they imagine people who have lost everything due to substance abuse, not successful people quietly struggling behind the scenes.

One worrisome trend that has come to light in recent years is the high level of drug abuse among executives of California companies. Prescription drugs seem to be the favored option, likely due to the common misconception of prescription drugs as safe and nonaddictive, and this trend is having disastrous results throughout California.

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Understanding Drug Abuse In The C-Suite

Most executives have very demanding work schedules and job duties in general. These individuals are usually responsible for the most important decisions their companies make. Their day-to-day actions directly and indirectly affect potentially thousands of employees, partners, clients, and customers. Any executive position can entail an extreme degree of stress, and some executives may start using drugs to cope with their jobs or to unwind after stressful days in the C-suite.

High-Functioning Substance Abuse

High-functioning substance abuse is a condition in which the individual has a substance abuse problem but still manages to maintain the appearance of a normal, well-adjusted life. In many of these cases the individuals with high-functioning addictions do not realize the precariousness of their situations until their habits reach a tipping point. Some develop addictions unknowingly. For example, an executive struggling with depression, anxiety, or other psychological distress may start taking prescription sedatives or antidepressants with a legitimate prescription but develop a dependency.

Executives also usually make lots of money doing their jobs and therefore have more disposable income than the average person. This can enable them to procure drugs with relative ease and pay for expensive prescriptions without a second thought. One of the most dangerous aspects of prescription drugs is the misconception that these medications are perfectly safe since doctors prescribe them. The reality is that a prescription is only truly safe if the patient actually needs the prescription for a diagnosed medical issue and uses the prescription responsibly.

Any high-functioning substance abuse issue can carry on for many months or even years before it reaches a critical level. However, the issue of tolerance almost always arises and spurs an addiction along faster. As an individual takes a drug more and more, his or her body develops a tolerance for the drug’s effects. This in turn causes the individual to require more and more of the drug to feel the desired effects. Eventually, the individual will start abusing the drug at dangerous levels, and this is when addiction starts to deteriorate other aspects of the person’s life like his or her personal relationships, family ties, and career.

The Stigma Of Addiction And Rehab

One of the most prevalent obstacles facing people who need help for substance abuse disorders is the overwhelmingly negative perception of addiction in the U.S. Entering rehab could be seen as a sign of weakness or failure, but the reality is that many people develop addictions unknowingly or simply fall into bad habits due to stress and the pressures of work and personal life. When executives from large companies develop substance abuse issues it can be tremendously difficult for them to acknowledge these problems and admit the need for help. Additionally, many executives may be unwilling to enter typical rehab centers and instead want something more upscale and luxurious if they are going to spend any time in an inpatient facility.

Finding Executive-Level Substance Abuse Treatment

Countless substance abuse treatment centers operate all over the country and each one offers a unique experience to patients.

Executives struggling with substance abuse disorders likely prefer discretion, privacy, and a high level of comfort in any rehab center they attend. Many upscale rehab providers offer hotel-style accommodations, fantastic meal options, various amenities, and top-level holistic therapies like professional massage and specialized therapies.

Some of these luxurious rehab centers cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for each month of treatment, but this is a price many executives are willing to pay to take advantage of a top-level recovery facility with the best amenities and accommodations available.

Bright Future Recovery: Executive Program

Elements Of A Strong Recovery Plan

Regardless of where an executive seeks substance abuse treatment, ultimately every patient in rehab needs an individualized treatment plan that addresses his or her unique struggles with substance abuse. For some executives, the stress of their jobs and the weight their decisions carry can cause extreme levels of stress and anxiety and they turn to drugs to cope. Others may abuse legitimate prescriptions and hold off on seeking treatment for too long because they seem to find methods that work. Others nurse high-functioning substance abuse problems for months or even years before they recognize the need to make changes before a substance abuse problem spirals out of control.

It is essential to not only treat the symptoms of substance abuse but also explore the underlying causes. An executive of a large company may have tremendous responsibility and need to learn new coping techniques to handle the stress of work. Some may need treatment for underlying mental health disorders they have self-medicated for too long. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to substance abuse.

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California is home to some of the most stressful work environments in the country. Drug abuse is a major problem in the technology sector as countless workers strive to maximize their productivity and propel their careers to new heights, failing to realize the damage they are doing to themselves. Some abuse drugs to stay competitive while others abuse them to blow off steam from their stressful work days. Whatever the case may be behind a substance abuse problem, ultimately it is necessary to seek treatment as soon as possible before such a problem grows out of control. Call Us today

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