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Am I A High-Functioning Alcoholic, And Do I Need Treatment?

Dangers Of High-Functioning Alcoholism

Alcoholism is one of the most dangerous forms of addictionAnd a functional substance abuse disorder may not manifest immediately recognizable symptoms. It can take months or years for a slight alcohol abuse problem to turn into full-blown dependency, but alcoholism is ultimately inevitable for anyone who abuses alcohol consistently. High-functioning alcoholism usually combines the semblance […]

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Does A High-Functioning Alcoholic Still Need Treatment

Seven Reasons Why High-Functioning Alcoholics Need Treatment

Table of Contents Not every alcoholic is falling apart at the seams or visibly struggling with the activities of daily life. Indeed, some high-functioning alcoholics seem to suffer few ill effects from their alcohol consumption and may thrive in their job environment or social life. Despite masking the negative impact alcohol can have on a person’s health,

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The Dangers of Quitting Alcohol Cold-Turkey

Why Quitting Alcohol On Your Own Isn’t Sobering, But Deadly

Bright Future Recovery serves Northern California, Central California, Southern California and the U.S. with evidence-based, whole person and affordable addiction rehab services associated with alcohol and drug abuse. We are happy to share valuable addiction recovery information. Detox | Residential Rehab | Relapse Prevention Confidential Consultations and Insurance Verification Questions about Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Recovery? Call Bright Future Recovery at (831) 245-1623 for a

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