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Why Comfortable Surroundings Set the Stage for Drug Detox Success

Anyone struggling with substance abuse likely dreads the thought of entering detox, no matter how much he or she wants to get clean. Detox often brings to mind images of withdrawal symptoms, sterile hospital beds, and indifferent staff. Drug detox doesn’t have to be this way. Many substance abuse treatment facilities all over the country are developing more comfortable detox environments for their patients.

Creating A Positive Recovery Experience

The “patient experience” is a valuable performance measuring metric in the healthcare world in general. Patients generally report much better recovery experiences in healthcare facilities that offer personalized care in comfortable environments. Substance abuse treatment is no different. Facilities that offer home-like atmospheres offer better recovery experiences than very clinical detox facilities that strictly offer detox and nothing else. Substance abuse recovery professionals should understand the value of comfortable environments during detox to improve their patients’ experiences.


Full-Spectrum Patient Experiences From A To Z

Many factors influence a patient’s healthcare experience for a specific illness or injury, from finding parking at a healthcare facility to interactions with doctors and staff and follow-up appointments. In the substance abuse treatment world, patients entering recovery start with the detox process, so setting the stage for a more effective treatment experience begins with detox.

Research from the Academy of Architects for Health* reports that a therapeutic and comfortable healthcare environment can support the treatment of physical health, address psychosocial and spiritual needs of patients, and produce measurable positive effects on clinical outcomes. Creating more comfortable detox environments can ultimately improve the overall recovery experience for patients.[/one_half_last]

Everything from the intake process to therapy options influences the recovery experience for an addiction treatment patient. Even sounds and smells in the environment can influence patient experience. When healthcare facilities and substance abuse treatment centers consider patient comfort for the entire treatment experience, the results are positive and measurable. Treatment centers can make their patients feel more at ease about some of the common worries over detox by creating more comfortable and supportive environments.

Common Concerns About Detox

Detox is a notoriously difficult and uncomfortable experience that generally means confronting withdrawal symptoms. Undergoing detox in a place that feels impersonal and sterile can produce feelings of detachment and anxiety that may hinder the recovery experience. Drug addiction treatment facilities that offer detox services should strive to make the detox experience as stress-free and comfortable as possible for their patients.

Many people entering detox worry about withdrawal symptoms. Medically-assisted detox can help manage withdrawal symptoms, provide nutritional support, and help address chronic health issues or co-occurring disorders so a patient can start addiction therapy with a healthier body and mind. When these services take place in a comfortable atmosphere, detox lays the groundwork for an overall better recovery experience.


“Resimercial” Design In Healthcare And Addiction Treatment Facilities

[two_third]A study from the Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics at the University of Southern California recently reported that healthcare facilities and hospitals with modern amenities and home-like atmospheres attract more patients and generally receive much higher patient satisfaction scores.

“Resimercial” design is a portmanteau of residential and commercial, blending both design elements to create more therapeutic clinical environments. Applying residential aesthetics to commercial environments has a profound impact on customer experiences, and this applies to healthcare settings in a big way. For example, many hospitals are building outdoor gardens, reworking interior lighting, and creating more home-like patient rooms to create more therapeutic spaces for their patients. Patients are reporting less pain because of these changes, better overall healthcare experiences, and less time required to remain in a treatment facility on average.[/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

Smoother Detox Experiences

When a person enters a detox program dreading the thought of a cold and sterile hospital room with glaring lights and steel, the surprise of finding a cozy, home-like atmosphere with attentive and professional staff can put the typical worries about detox to rest and start the recovery process on a better footing.

Detox and recovery also rely heavily on trust. Patients must trust their caregivers and substance abuse treatment professionals to provide accurate, individualized care. A stark clinical setting may make a patient feel like he or she is just a number or another patient to the facility and staff. But a more home-like atmosphere may help the patient feel more willing to trust the facility to provide an effective detox and recovery experience.

Learn About Our Drug Detox Center for Addiction

Bright Future Recovery Detox Services

Bright Future Recovery understands how difficult the detox process can be for many people, which is why we have created a comfortable detox facility that helps our patients feel at home. Detox can be unpleasant, and some patients may struggle with advanced addictions and serious medical conditions that require specialized treatment. We have taken significant steps to ensure that every patient is as comfortable as possible during these difficult times.

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Comfortable Atmospheres For Better Recovery Experiences

Bright Future Recovery offers drug and alcohol detox and specialized care for patients in need of nutritional support and withdrawal management. These services take place in our comfortable treatment facilities that help our patients feel at home. Bright Future Recovery has a reputation as a top-tier California drug and alcohol detox facility thanks to our commitment to patient satisfaction and dedication to creating comfortable patient experiences for the entire recovery process.

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