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Northern and Central California Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center

Bright Future Recovery is a California addiction treatment center providing intervention, medical detox, residential treatment, relapse prevention, and aftercare services.

Accredited by The Joint Commission JCAHO and certified by the State of California DHCS,
Bright Future Recovery has affordable substance abuse treatment services associated with drugs and alcohol. Starting with intervention and detox, our compassionate and professional staff will assist you through ongoing treatment, recovery, and aftercare.

Bright Future Recovery also owns and operates Avila Heights Recovery.
Avila Heights Recovery is our luxury executive rehab in San Luis Obispo.

Detox Options
Therapy Options

Help Is Available. Speak With Someone Today.


The Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment

Your New, Sober Life Is A Call Away.


Long Term Sobriety

Learn a structured approach to quitting addiction long-term. Long-term sobriety requires a structured approach in treatment and recovery.

Heal Mind, Body, & Spirit

Learn how to heal the entire person including the mind, body, and spirit with holistic practices to heal the underlying issues that cause addiction and mental health disorders.

Understand Warning Triggers

Reduce the risk of relapse by understanding your warning triggers, drug-seek habits, and recurring emotional or psychological issues.


Repair Your Relationships

Addiction is often termed a family disease because it has the potential to ruin other lives, alongside your own. Learn how to repair these broken bonds and start afresh.

New Perspective Towards Life

Learn how to look at your life through a brand-new lens.

Build Healthy Habits and Lifestyle

Learn how to regain your lost discipline and morale by setting and accomplishing new goals.

Help Is Available. Speak With Someone Today.


We Strive to Provide You With the Highest Level of Care

Relax into your new life at our luxury residential addiction treatment facility situated on a large, tranquil plot of land on the outskirts of Central California that radiates luxury, privacy, and comfort of a high-end resort.

Joint Commission Accredited
California Department of Health Care Services


First Choice for Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Central California

Learn why people choose to start their new, sober life at Bright Future Recovery.

True Support, Love, & Care

“I really appreciate the support, love and care the staff has given to me, especially Jessica, Mama D and Luana. “

- Letty R.

Amazing Experience

“BFR was an amazing drug detox center for the 7 days I spent there. The staff and super caring nurse’s made all the difference.”

- Alexan M.

Unmatched Quality

“I refer everyone here and I will continue to do so because the quality is unmatched. The owner is one of the most kind and genuine I have ever met.”

- Cheyenne S.


“The owner, staff including chef and cleaning company were so awesome! The staff is caring, knowledgeable , understanding and knows their job! “

- Paula L.

1-Year Sober

“1 year ago, my husband started his recovery at Bright Future and today we celebrate his 1 year anniversary of sobriety! Thanks to Cheree and her staff.”

- Alexan M.

Same Day Treatment

“Bright Future Recovery was amazing with my Son after he made the decision to seek help. Cheree responded within the hour and got him in treatment the same day.”

- Soila R.

Help Is Available. Speak With Someone Today.

Payment Options

Addiction treatment is a life-changing investment in your health and happiness. At Bright Future Recovery, we offer the following options – which might be able to be combined – to help you pay for care:

Option #1
Health Insurance

We accept most major insurance plans to help cover addiction treatment.

Option #2
Financing & Private Pay
Depending on your situation, we may be able to provide financing options and payment plans.

We Help Families,
One Addiction at a Time

Bright Future Recovery is a California drug and alcohol treatment center, accredited by JCAHO and certified by the State of California that offers affordable substance abuse treatment services associated with substance abuse. 

Holistic Therapies

Bright Future Recovery’s evidence-based holistic program is designed to break down the walls of addiction while helping clients maintain their sobriety long-term. Our holistic and specialized treatment programs cater to the individual and support sobriety longevity.

Program That Works

Bright Future Recovery has two residential treatment facilities in trhe Central California cities Hollister and San Luis Obispo (Avila Heights Recovery). Adult men and women can achieve long-term sobriety in a safe, comfortable, and private space of their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bright Future Recovery in a remote part of San Benito County, California, not far south of Silicon Valley. We have a large property where you can stretch your legs and not feel like neighbors are peeking in on your every move. Inside, the home was recently refurbished and now features high-end furniture and decorations.

Bright Future Recovery is a place where you can get away from it all as you focusing on beating withdrawal and starting your recovery on the right foot. Even so, our property is close enough to town that you don’t feel disconnected from society.

We also own and operate Avila Heights Recovery – a luxury executive rehab located in San Luis Obispo, California.

We are a Family Oriented Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center in North Central California. We offer a range of intervention and addiction treatment services to accommodate each person involved. Take the first step to a brighter future for yourself, family or loved one today, call (831) 245-1623.

Addiction is a complex disease that can have a devastating impact on individuals, families, and communities. But there is hope. Bright Future Recovery residential addiction treatment provides the support and structure individuals need to overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery.

We accept most insurance and can verify your insurance benefits.

Verify Insurance Benefits

We usually try to limit family contact during the detox process and let the clients take this time to themselves. That being said, we can update families on their loved ones’ progress during the detox stage. After detox, clients will have more opportunities to communicate and interact with their families.

Make note that we almost always solicit the family’s input prior to starting treatment with a new client – to help us customize his or her recovery plan. We see addiction recovery as a family-wide process, so their involvement is paramount.

We have a 7 to 10 day detox program. Medications are given on a taper system, and dosage is determined by a licensed physician. The length of detox is determined upon by appointment.

Medications that may be given include:

  • Methadone – Strictly used to detox heavy methadone use. The dose is slowly decreased until the client no longer needs the medication.
  • Hydroxyzine – Helps reduce anxiety symptoms.
  • Subutex – Used to reduce anxiety, agitation, muscle aches, sweating, runny nose, yawning and cramping.
  • Ambien – Short-term use to aid with sleep during detox.

We also encourage taking Epsom salt baths to help aid in muscle relaxation. Melatonin and valerian root may be given to help the client sleep.

Help Is Available. Speak With Someone Today.

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