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Bright Future Recovery
CEO and Founder

Cheree Ashley, RAS, CADC-CAS, MATC, CIP - Bright Future Recovery Founder, Hollister California

Meet Cheree Ashley


CEO, Founder of Bright Future Recovery

Knowledgeable. Passionate. Relentless. Inspirational. These are just some of the words that would describe Bright Future Recovery and Avila Heights Recovery Founder and CEO Cheree Ashley. But there is so much more. To know Cheree is to embrace all that she experienced in her life. Instead of allowing adversity to curtail personal vision and success, she used it to catapult her forward and thrive. This is the essence of what she holds dear and wants to help others achieve the same sense of achievement.

Cheree knows that when people give change a chance, it can turn a consequence into a life lesson learned and a stepping stone into living their personal best.

A Founder’s Story Led to Greater Purpose

After removing the signs of substance addiction, what remains is a person awaiting new opportunities to rebuild, restore and revitalize into healthier living. Learning holistic practices strengthens recovery.

Cheree has first-hand experience with the toll addiction takes on your life as well as how it affects family, friends, and the community. Overcoming this disease takes a lot of hard work, dedication, motivation and self-will to take on the obstacles and challenges throughout the process. Cheree has empathy and compassion for those in need of help. Professionally, she has organized, facilitated and achieved hundreds of interventions to help individuals and their families resume a healthy life.

Interventions at Bright Future Recovery  
Cheree Ashley, Association of Intervention Specialists

Interventions are one of the most important components of recovery. Interventions are not intended just for the addicted individual, but for the family as a whole. Educating the entire support team, guiding them, as well as being there for long term support helps ensure a detailed and safe treatment plan for all those involved and affected by addiction.

Cheree has taken her core beliefs and applied them into a strategic plan for effective intervention, detox and a comprehensive long-term substance abuse recovery plan.

Cheree Ashley - Bright Future Recovery Addiction Recovery With Compassion
Interventions and Addiction Treatment with Compassion at Bright Future Recovery

Accountability and Consequences

Accountability for one’s choices and subsequent actions is part of the cycle of addiction. Even when a person struggling with drugs or alcohol abuse doesn’t want to admit that a problem exists, life has a way of providing consequences as a result of the addiction that will ultimately provide the reason to seek help.

Chances and New Possibilities

It is the consequences that we create that can also provide the many chances to reset ourselves into a more positive light. It is never too late to instill hope in people. This opens the door for the courage needed to turn their lives around. It gives families the chance to build trust again. Chances can restore one’s place in the workforce, and strengthens self-confidence to help reach and exceed personal goals. But possibilities live in the chances we make and what we choose to take.

Sharing Education Through Community Involvement

As a Certified Intervention Professional, Registered Addiction Specialist, Medication Assisted Treatment Counselor, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Certified Addiction Specialist, Cheree Ashley is sought after by her peers for her deep understanding of the nature of addiction. She travels throughout the country as a public speaker and educator.

As a leader in the industry, Cheree enjoys sharing her knowledge with other practitioners and clinicians within the health care community and while providing case management and intervention services for over five years. She has worked closely with Ken Seeley, John Southworth and Eric Mclaughlin. In addition, Cheree has provided drug education to over 18,000 students across the central coast, as well as health professionals, teachers, parents and local communities.


Cheree Ashley’s Book 'Balance' Takes Women Farther

As the CEO of Bright Future Recovery, a medically managed residential rehab program located in the small country town just south of San Jose, in Hollister, California. There, she provides a pinnacle place for many who want to remove toxic substances from their lives and get on with healthy recovery. But Cheree Ashley wanted to impart women with more wisdom and everyday tools to ensure their self-worth long-term.

It’s why she authored the book called Balance Life, Lessons & Success, reminding readers that when setting goals and aspirations, there is no reason to have to choose one over the other; or settle for less than what your heart truly desires.

In the book, she reveals her personal secrets on how to juggle family, marriage, friends, career, health, finances and more – through a system that allows room for balance in all aspects. Knowing that each of us deserves all that we want in this life keeps us focused on working towards those goals while enjoying the journey along the way.

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