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HIPPA Policy

Last updated: 7/13/22



This notice explains how two federal laws—the Confidentiality Law, 42 U.S.C. & 290dd-2, 42 C.F.R. Part 2 and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1966 (HIPAA), 42 U.S.C. & 1320d et seq., 45 C.R.F. Part 160 & 164—protect medical information about your health care, including payment for health care. According to these laws, Bright Future Recovery LLC may not release information identifying you as an alcoholic or drug user, divulge information indicating that you attend the program, or disclose any other protected information unless expressly allowed by federal law.


The practices described in this notice include those of:

  • Any medical practitioner authorized to add information to your medical record.
  • Any staff member we permit to assist you while you are here;
  • All personnel working for any Bright Future Recovery LLC-affiliated hospital, clinic, laboratory, or other establishment.
  • All of these individuals abide by the provisions of this notice. For treatment, payment, and other healthcare activities as specified in this notice, they also exchange protected health information among themselves.

Our Commitment to Health Information

Your health information is used by Bright Future Recovery LLC for therapy, to collect money for treatment for administrative needs, and to assess the caliber of care you get. A medical record that is really owned by Bright Future Recovery LLC contains information about your health.

  • We recognize that information about your health and wellbeing is private.
  • We are dedicated to safeguarding your personal health information.
  • This notice will notify you of the uses and disclosures we may make of your health information.

In relation to the use and disclosure of health information, we also outline your rights and some of our responsibilities.

Law requires Bright Future Recovery LLC to:

  • Ensure that any medical data that may be used to identify you is kept confidential.
  • Send you this notification about our privacy policies and legal obligations with medical information about you.
  • Comply with any reasonable requests you may make for the exchange of health information via different channels or in different places.
  • Comply with the provisions of the current version of this notice.

Bright Future Recovery LLC may use your health information for therapeutic purposes in order to provide you medical services and treatment. For instance, information about your treatment that was collected by a health care provider, such as a doctor, nurse, or other person providing you with health care services, will need to be included in your record. To decide what therapy you should receive, health care professionals need this information. Additionally, medical professionals will document the steps they take during your therapy and how you react to them.

In exchange for:

In order to get paid for the services you get, Bright Future Recovery LLC may use and disclose your health information to others. A bill could be delivered to you or a third party, such an insurance provider, HMO, or health plan, for instance. Your diagnosis, treatment plan, and any supplies you utilized during treatment may all be listed in the bill’s details.

For the management of health care:

Your health care information may be used and disclosed by Bright Future Recovery LLC for business needs. For instance, members of the medical staff, people responsible for risk management or quality improvement, and others may receive access to your health information to:

  • Assess our staff’s performance.
  • Evaluate the outcomes and the standard of care in your case and similar instances.
  • Recognize ways to enhance our infrastructure and offerings.
  • Discover ways to enhance the efficacy and quality of the healthcare we offer to our clients.

Appointments/Products and Services Relating to Health:

Your information may be used by Bright Future Recovery LLC to get in touch with you and remind you of appointments.

Additionally, Bright Future Recovery LLC may get in touch with you to discuss treatment options or other potential advantages and services for your health.

Others Taking Care of You:

Any family member, friend, or other person you nominate for involvement in your case or payment relating to your case may receive important health information from Bright Future Recovery LLC.

Those helping with disaster relief operations may also get health information from Bright Future Recovery LLC so that others are informed of your condition, whereabouts, and status.


Bright Future Recovery LLC will not use the data for fundraising without your consent in writing.

Asserted by Law:

As required by law, Bright Future Recovery LLC may use and divulge information about you. Bright Future Recovery LLC, for instance, could divulge information to the following parties: for legal and administrative actions carried out in accordance with a court order.

  • To stop or slow down the spread of illness, harm, or incapacity
  • To file birth and death reports
  • To report adverse drug reactions or product issues
  •  To alert the appropriate authorities if we feel a client has been the victim of abuse, neglect, or domestic violence, or to alert a person who may have been exposed to a disease or may be at risk for getting or spreading a disease. We will only divulge this information with your consent or if needed or permitted by law.

Medical Public:

Your health information may be used or shared for public health purposes, including helping the State Health Department, the Centers for Disease Control, and other legal authorities (such as the Centers for Disease Control) prevent or control disease, damage, or disability.

Health Monitoring Activities

Your health information may be disclosed by Bright Future Recovery LLC to a health regulatory body for purposes specified by law. Audits, investigations, and inspections are a few examples of these procedures used to keep an eye on the legal and regulatory environment as well as the health care system. Deceased: In order for funeral directors or coroners to properly perform their legal obligations, health information may be supplied to them.

Safety and Health:

According to the relevant laws, your health information may be released in order to prevent a significant harm to your health and safety or the health and safety of anyone else.

Employee Compensation

To comply with Worker’s Compensation rules and regulations, your health information may be utilized or released.

Added Uses

Only with your express written consent will any additional uses or disclosures be made. You have the right to rescind an authorization, unless Bright Future Recovery LLC has already acted in reliance on it.

Rights Regarding Health Information

According to HIPAA, you are entitled to:

  • Upon request, obtain a copy of this notice of information practices.
  • In specific situations, request a modification to your health information.
  • Request that sensitive messages about your health be sent to you at different times or at other places. Please be aware that this request only pertains to this provider or region and that there are no other options available.
  • Get a list of disclosures that were made about your health information.
  • Request a limitation on how your information is used and disclosed; however, Bright Future Recovery LLC is not obligated to adhere to your request.

Alterations to This Notice:

The conditions of this notice are subject to change, and Bright Future Recovery LLC maintains the right to apply the revised terms to all protected health information within its custody. A copy of the most recent notification will be posted inside the building by the management. A current copy is also available by contacting us at ( 


You can make a complaint ( at any time with Bright Future Recovery LLC if you think your privacy rights have been violated.

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