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Cigna for Drug Rehab

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Bright Future Recovery is staffed by experienced medical staff and qualified physicians. We operate several high-end facilities and we offer the best treatment available. All of this comes at a price, but we’re always looking to do what we can to help patients that are struggling to make ends meet.

That’s why we work with a number of insurance companies, making sure that if you have a policy and you are covered for rehab treatment, then you can book yourself into the Bright Future Recovery and heal with us.

In this article we’ll ask whether Cigna PPO coverage for drug addiction and Cigna PPO coverage for alcohol addiction is worth your time. We’ll show you how you can use Cigna to pay for treatment and we’ll also take a peek at the available rehabs for Cigna policyholders.



Although it is based in the United States, Cigna operates around the world, using the names Cigna Global Health Benefits and Cigna Corporation. They were founded in 1982 following a merger of two long established insurance companies (including one that had existed since 1792). This makes Cigna one of the youngest of the country’s big insurance companies, but also one of the oldest.

Cigna offers a wide spectrum of insurance policies, including health insurance, dental insurance, accident insurance and, of course, rehab care.

Cigna Coverage for Specific Addictions


Cigna’s range of policies cover a number of substance addictions, and you will be covered for all of the following and more:

  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Heroin
  • Prescription Drugs (opiates, sedatives, stimulants)
  • Alcohol

All of these substances are very addictive and can cause serious physiological and psychological health issues when they are abused. They can also trigger traumatic withdrawals, particularly in the case of alcohol, where the withdrawals can be life-threatening, and opiates, which cause a painful, difficult and prolonged withdrawal.

However, the withdrawals do not need to be severely detrimental for you to get help from your insurance provider. All substances cause problems, not all of which relate to withdrawals and physical addiction. For example:

  • Cannabis: Although not addictive in the same way as heroin or cocaine, cannabis can be psychologically addictive. Heavy smokers are also increasing their risk of cancer and mental health issues. If your addiction has caused you to lose your job and/or your social life, if it has triggered mental health issues or breathing problems, then you will be entitled to full treatment.
  • Inhalants: Gas, glue and nitrous oxide are common in poorer areas and with young users. These are not addictive and do not cause withdrawals, but they can cause serious health problems and medical professionals understand the importance of stopping inhalant abuse in its tracks.
  • Hallucinogens: Heavy use of hallucinogenic drugs will decrease your resolve and increase your chances of your developing mental health problems (paranoia and flashbacks are common). Also, although previously not thought to be addictive, there are reports that suggest hallucinogenic drugs can be addictive and that users can develop a tolerance after repeated use.
  • Other Drugs: Long-term users of drugs like ketamine have developed serious bladder issues, known as Ketamine Bladder Syndrome, while long term use of MDMA and synthetic stimulants can result in renal failure, as well as countless cardiovascular issues.

So, don’t assume that you won’t be able to get help just because your addiction is to a drug that is not as common or a drug that does not trigger withdrawals. All substances can be abused and that abuse needs to be treated. Insurance companies like Cigna understand this and are happy to provide assistance.

Using Cigna to Pay for Treatment


In order to use Cigna to pay for treatment, you will need to be assessed by one of their medical professionals. There are many of these around the country and their goal is to assess you and establish what sort of help you need.

If they determine that you need a full range of available treatments, then they may refer you to a Cigna approved treatment center like the Bright Future Recovery. According to Cigna, the following things will determine what level of care you need and what they will be willing to offer you:

  • The length severity of your addiction: This is usually determined by the damage the addiction has done to your health, the risks involved and the impact it has on your career, your family and your wellbeing.
  • Your mental health: Whether you are predisposed to any mental health issues or have been diagnosed with any conditions may determine the sort of treatment that you receive.
  • Your support: Those who have no support may be given priority over those who have support from family and friends.
  • Your living situation: If you are living on the streets or are at risk of being made homeless, you may receive more help than you would if you were in a comfortable and stable living environment.

Length and Depth of Coverage

Cigna drug rehab coverage is varied, and if you are referred to the Bright Future Recovery then you will be able to take advantage of our full course of treatments, with professional inpatient care over the course of several months. Typically, you can expect the following length of stays:

Bright Future Recovery you can expect the following dates:

  • Cigna PPO Coverage for Drug Addiction: The majority of drug detoxes can be completed in under 30 days. For patients with severe addictions or co-morbid conditions, this can push to 60 days or 90 days.
  • Cigna PPO Coverage for Alcohol Addiction: Alcohol withdrawal is life threatening. We will help you through the withdrawal and the recovery and we will make sure you do not relapse, but that takes time and some alcoholics need as much as 90 days.

Cigna may refer you for some simple outpatient treatment instead. It all depends on the severity of your condition and the state of your addiction, as detailed above.

Career professionals often have concerns about their families, in the event that addiction detox and treatment are necessary to overcome ongoing drug and alcohol use. It can be the reason why many don’t seek a solution. Our interventionists are especially skilled in addressing the lifestyle pressures and corresponding obligations that present roadblocks to addiction recovery. Through regular family meetings and lifestyle assessments, we can formulate the best course of action to ensure the best care for a prospective client.

Once detox has been completed, we work with the family and provide recommendations that will support long-term sobriety through diet, exercise, and positive behavioral health practices.

What are the benefits of Cigna coverage for Californians?

Over the last few years there have been many reports of Californian policyholders being at a disadvantage due to the rate of rejected claims. This is compounded by the fact that Cigna has one of the highest rate of rejected claims across the United States.

But you shouldn’t pay too much attention to these reports. Providing you read the terms and conditions of your policy, and providing you are honest about your condition and your needs, then you shouldn’t have an issue. In fact, in our experience, Cigna is very competent when it comes to addiction care here in California.

What are the treatment services covered by Cigna?


Cigna will cover all of the treatment options provided here at the Bright Future Recovery. This includes:


–    Medical Detox

–    Holistic/Drug Support

–    Private and Group Counseling

–    Ongoing Support and Relapse Prevention


Where can I learn more?

To learn more about the policies that Cigna offer and the help that they can give you, visit their website here. You can browse their policies, read the small print and schedule an appointment with their sales staff.

If you would prefer, you can also contact our experienced staff here at the Bright Future Recovery. We have helped countless Cigna policy holders and we know how this company operates. So, if you would like to enquire about the services we offer to Cigna policy holders, if you would like to discuss your policy or if you would like to arrange some treatment, then contact us here.

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