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How Bright Future Recovery Can Help

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If you’re feeling stuck and not sure where to turn when choosing a treatment facility, contact us at Bright Future Recovery.

We’re happy to answer any of your questions in an effort to get you on the way to feeling better. Getting help for drug addiction is important. 

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Bright Future Recovery

Bright Future Recovery
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How We Can Help



Bright Future Recovery has developed leading drug and alcohol intervention services that guide and support families, as well as the individual needing addiction treatment.


Medical Detox

The first step to restarting your life is removing the toxicity that has kept you hostage. Bright Future Recovery is here to get those in need back on track as smoothly and comfortably as possible.


Residential Rehab

Our residential rehab treatment provides 24/7 care and support in a therapeutic environment. Our residential treatment programs address all aspects of addiction: physical, psychological, and social components.

Call Bright Future Recovery Now

(831) 245-1623

Confidential Consultations and Insurance Verification

Who We Are

Bright Future Recovery is a family-oriented drug & alcohol detox center in Northern California. Our facility is situated on a large, tranquil plot of land on the outskirts of San Benito County, California. We offer long-term drug and alcohol addiction recovery detox and treatment planning. Starting with intervention and detox and assist you through ongoing therapy, addiction treatment, and aftercare. We take private insurance and will be in-network with Anthem ®, Health Net ®, and Aetna. Learn more about our treatment options.

Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Centers Near You Shouldn't Be Hard

Realizing that you have an issue with addiction can be both devastating and overwhelming. This discovery often leads to more questions than answers. After understanding that an addiction problem is present, most people begin to look into addiction treatment centers local to them. Luckily, if you live in California, there are a number of different addiction treatment centers in Northern California where you can find help. 

Should I Consider Traveling for Treatment?

For some people who are struggling with addiction, going to a a local drug and alcohol treatment program near you or in a different city or state from where they live is a good idea. There are numerous benefits you may find from traveling for treatment. It may be a matter of putting some physical distance between your triggers and negative influences, or that you can’t find a treatment facility that is a good fit for you close to home. In either of those cases, an out-of-town treatment center may be your best option. Some of the other benefits of traveling for rehab include: 

  • A better mindset – For some people, traveling to another location for treatment provides them with a sense of starting over or having a clean slate. This mindset can be very conducive to doing the work you have to in addiction treatment. 
  • Better chance of completion – When you have traveled somewhere away from home, it isn’t as easy to give up on treatment and just go home. By the time you consider and book travel arrangements, you may change your mind and decide to stay and complete your treatment program. 
  • Added privacy – For people who have high-profile careers or reputations, the extra layer of privacy that traveling for rehab provides is appealing. It may make treatment more comfortable for these individuals when they don’t have to worry about running into someone who knows them. 

Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment Center Near You

Finding the right addiction treatment center requires more than a simple Google search for “addiction treatment centers near me.” It’s important to choose a treatment facility that fits your beliefs and needs to have the best chance of successful, long-term recovery. Doing some research and asking the right questions can make a big difference in finding an addiction treatment facility that is a good fit. Some of the questions you should ask as you narrow down your search are: 

  • What type of licensing and accreditation does the facility have?
  • Do staff members have credentials? What are they? 
  • What is the ratio of patients to staff? 
  • Does the addiction center treat your type of addiction?
  • Do the addiction programs use evidenced-based treatments? 
  • Does the addiction center treat co-occurring mental health disorders? 
  • How long is the program? 
  • Does the center offer specific treatments for adults, teens, older people, or other populations that apply to you? 
  • Are family members able to be involved in your program? 
  • What are the addiction center’s success rates? Do they seem too good to be true? 
  • Is the treatment center covered by your medical insurance? 

Those questions should get you started with narrowing down your list of potential addiction treatment centers, but don’t be afraid to ask whatever questions you need and answer to. It’s better to find a treatment center where you’ll be comfortable and supported, than to just choose the first facility you find without knowing what you’re getting into.

How Much Does Addiction Treatment Centers Cost Near You?

The cost of addiction treatment is often the biggest factor that keeps people from seeking the help that they need. While this is a valid concern, it doesn’t have to be the deciding factor in whether or not you can go to rehab. It is true that some addiction treatment facilities are very expensive, some luxury rehabs are over $1,000 per day. However, there are also many good, evidence-based treatment centers that are much less expensive. Additionally, you can find low-cost and no-cost drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that offer solid programs of recovery. 

Various factors affect the overall cost of addiction treatment. The length of your program, the level of care (inpatient or outpatient), specialized therapies, and any extra services or amenities that are included are all things that will impact how much you pay for your treatment. 

The important thing to remember is that you are making an investment in the rest of your life. Whatever the costs are now, you’ll be reaping the benefits for the rest of your life. Never let the cost of drug or alcohol addiction treatment keep you from getting help and on the road to recovery.

How to Pay for Addiction Treatment Centers Near You

Most people who go to an addiction treatment center rely on their healthcare insurance to help cover at least a part of the costs. All insurance providers are different, and each insurance policy is different. Some will pay for a portion of the cost of rehab, while others may cover the whole cost. Do determine what your insurance will cover, contact your provider to see what your substance abuse treatment benefits are. 

If your healthcare insurance only covers a portion, you will be responsible for paying the balance. Many drug and alcohol treatment facilities will help you by creating a payment plan that allows you to pay the balance in monthly payments over time. Don’t be afraid to ask for financial help from the treatment center you want to go to. You may be surprised at their willingness to help you.

What if I Don’t Have Insurance Coverage?

If you don’t have any healthcare insurance through your employer or the marketplace, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go to treatment. You still have some options for getting the help you need. You may have to do a little bit more legwork, but you can find treatment centers that adjust their costs on a sliding scale, have scholarships, or offer financial aid. Many also allow payment plans, so you can pay over time when you’ve completed your program.  

There are also low-cost and free drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. You may have to be put on a waiting list to get into those, but that’s better than not getting any help at all. 

Failing all of the above, you can ask friends and family members if they will help you pay the cost of rehab or see if you can get a personal loan from your bank to pay for it.

How Can Bright Future Recovery Help You?

Identifying and addressing a substance abuse issue can be scary. One way to take away some of that fear and anxiety is to have all of the information you can get before making an informed decision. Look for an addiction treatment center for drug and alcohol recovery based on both your needs and the benefits that are provided by the program. Contact Bright Future Recovery today to get started with your recovery.

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