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Hospitals in San Jose, CA

The city of San Jose, California is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and is part of the San Francisco Bay Area. With over a million residents, San Jose is the third most populous city in the state. As a result, the city has many hospitals and medical facilities to meet the medical needs of residents and visitors of the area. San Jose hospitals offer patients the latest in technology and innovation and highly rated quality medical care. 

If you or your loved one needs medical attention or treatment in the San Jose metropolitan area, there are numerous hospitals that can help. 

San Jose Hospitals and Medical Facilities

The following are some of the best hospitals and medical facilities in San Jose, California:

Stanford Health Care-Stanford Hospital, Stanford

While technically in Stanford, California, Stanford Health Care-Stanford Hospital is in the San Jose area and is often noted as the top-rated hospital in the metro area. On the Best Hospitals Honor Roll, Stanford Health Care-Stanford Hospital came in at number 13. It is a teaching hospital that provides general medical and surgical care, specializing in cancer treatment. It’s high performing in nine conditions and procedures and is nationally ranked in 13 specialties. 

Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center, Santa Clara

Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center in Santa Clara, part of the San Jose area, is a teaching hospital that offers general medical and surgical care. It is considered a high-performing medical care provider in six different adult conditions and procedures. Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara is highly ranked in San Jose and in the state of California as a quality hospital.

Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center, San Jose

Like the previous medical center, the Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center in San Jose is rated high performing in specific adult procedures or conditions. It is an acute care facility that offers both general medical care and surgical treatment. It is also a teaching hospital.

El Camino Hospital, Mountain View

El Camino Hospital in Mountain View is highly rated in four adult conditions and procedures. It is a general medical and surgical facility, as well as a teaching hospital. In combination with the El Camino Hospital in Los Gatos, this facility is a patient favorite, as it has a higher ranking in patient experience than any other San Jose hospital or medical facility.

Finding a Hospital or Medical Facility in San Jose, California

Whether you live in San Jose or are just visiting, if you need medical care, you won’t have trouble finding a hospital near you. When you require medical care, especially in emergency situations, it’s good to know ahead of time where you will get the best care. The above list of top-rated hospitals in the San Jose metro area will help you determine where you’ll find the individualized care you need before you need it.

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