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Intervention Services

Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services

The first point in the addiction recovery process is that moment when your loved one admits there is a problem, and is ready and willing to go to treatment. Intervention makes it happen.

Our Northern California drug and alcohol intervention services include meeting with the family in-person; or on the phone if it’s more convenient. The goal is to discuss the IP’s (indicated patient) personal situation and treatment needs.

Call Bright Future Recovery at (831) 245-1623 for more information or to schedule an intervention.

The beginning process consists of a series of personal questions in depth to better understand what will be needed to approach the IP.

Examples of questions we will discuss include:

  • Where is the addict living?
  • Are they working?
  • What substances do they consume?
  • How long have they been using?
  • How much money do they spend?
  • Are they suicidal?
  • Do they have legal matters?

Intervention Process

Once the interventionist has gathered enough knowledge on the individual’s background, they will plan with the family or loved ones when to proceed with the actual intervention.

Once the intervention date and time is set, the interventionist will arrange family transportation to arrive at the intervention location. The intervention will take place where the family feels is best for their loved one. This may be at the family home, a park, or even a mocked-up event.

The interventionist will help the family determine who is best to participate in the intervention. Prior to intervening, the family and friends of the IP will meet with interventionist to go over how the intervention is going to play out. During the intervention, the interventionist will guide the family through the process.

Once the individual agrees to treatment, and the family has agreed upon the Bright Future Recovery, the interventionist will accompany the IP either by vehicle or airplane to our California drug rehab center. The interventionist will ascertain that the IP has arrived safely. The interventionist will continue to be available via phone, for any follow-up questions, concerns and advice the family and loved ones may have post-intervention.

Bright Future Recovery also offers additional web interventions that may be needed by the IP during their rehabilitation program. 

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Confidential Consultations and Insurance Verification

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bright Future Recovery is located one serene drive from Silicon Valley in northern San Benito County, California. Bright Future Recovery is a place where our patients can get away from it all as they focus on detox and starting residential addiction recovery on the right foot.

Even so, our property is close enough to town that you don’t feel disconnected.

Take the first step to a brighter future for yourself, family or loved one today, call (831) 245-1623.

We are family oriented drug and alcohol detox and rehab center in Northern California. We offer a range of holistic and evidence-based addiction treatment services with personalized treatment plans.

Bright Future Recovery Northern California addiction rehab treatment provides whole person recovery with intervention, medical detox, holistic evidence-based residential rehab, outpatient IOP rehab, virtual IOPrelapse prevention and aftercare.

Whether struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, or other form of substance abuse – our professional, experienced and compassionate staff is here to guide and support our patients every step of the way.

As a small 12 bed program in a home-like and comfortable environment – we are able to give our patients individual attention.

Take the first step to a brighter future for yourself, family or loved one today, call (831) 245-1623.

Medications during medical detox are given as needed; dosage is determined by a licensed physician. The length of detox is dependent on several factors. These include general health and type and length of the addiction.

For treating opiate addiction, we use MAT Medication-Assisted Treatment.

Please call Bright Future Recovery for a confidential consultation at (831) 245-1623.


An average detox takes 7 – 10 days. Although for some individuals detox may last longer. The length of detox depends on several factors. These include overall health, substance taken and the length of the addiction.

We treat opiate addiction with MAT medication-assisted treatment. 

Please call Bright Future Recovery for a confidential consultation at (831) 245-1623.

Addiction is a complex disease that can have a devastating impact on individuals, families, and communities. But there is hope. Bright Future Recovery residential addiction treatment provides the support and structure individuals need to overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery.

Our addiction rehab treatment provides whole person recovery with intervention, medical detox, holistic evidence-based residential rehab, Virtual IOP outpatient rehabrelapse prevention and aftercare.

We accept most insurance and can verify your insurance benefits.

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Residential rehab treatment can last 30 to 90 days or longer – depending on the needs of the individual.

Take the first step to a brighter future for yourself, family or loved one today, call (831) 245-1623.

Whether stepping down from residential treatment or seeking to complement ongoing recovery efforts – our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to support your unique path to wellness.

In our IOP Program, patients can maintain their daily routine while accessing the quality treatment and support needed to recover and thrive.

· Patients can participate in our Outpatient IOP holistic alcohol and addiction recovery rehab while maintaining personal and professional responsibilities.

· Patients graduating from our Residential Rehab program can continue to receive professional support and rehab education.

· Virtual IOP – Our outpatient treatment program in a convenient, flexible format that allows clients to receive our IOP rehab from any internet-connected device.

Please call Bright Future Recovery for a confidential consultation at (831) 245-1623.

Location and Directions

Bright Future Recovery also owns and operates Avila Heights Recovery.

Avila Heights Recovery is our luxury executive rehab in San Luis Obispo.

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