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Relapse Prevention

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Addiction Recovery Managed with Relapse Prevention

Drug addiction and alcoholism are recurring diseases that can be effectively managed through an integrated treatment approach that includes having an Addiction Case Manager on your side.

With addiction recovery being a fluid and ongoing life circumstance, relapse prevention can be the answer for people who need:

  • a refresher after being sober for years
  • extra support and guidance just after completing a rehabilitation program
  • added reinforcements against the triggers that can lead to relapse of use

At Bright Future Recovery, relapse prevention isn’t an afterthought—it’s a way of life. From detox to sober living, we help clients understand the importance of self-awareness and making the right decisions that support their recovery, not impede it. By practicing any of the holistic therapy options we offer, clients can apply those teachings wherever recovery takes them. In addition, we advise families on how to integrate relapse prevention in their own lives, so that they too can make the necessary changes in their home and social situations to help their loved one avoid the triggers for drug or alcohol use.

Holistic Relapse Prevention Eases the Journey

A large part of the recovery process is in understanding the importance of discovering new, healthy habits to replace those that didn’t serve your well-being. More than from an intellectual level, doing what you can to remove potential thought, familiar feelings, and an emotional need to use again is essential to staying sober.

But short of completely removing the past, how do you erase time? With holistic relapse prevention, you don’t have to. Instead, you learn to get comfortable in your own skin and make better use of every moment, through:

  • Ongoing support with individual and group therapies
  • 12-step and other non-denominational programs and education
  • Physical exercise and acquiring mindfulness
  • Experience in meal prep and nutrition practices

When life throws you lemons, our relapse prevention helps you turn it into lemonade.

For those instances that may seem too difficult to overcome, know that relapse triggers show up for everyone. When they do, we can help. Relapse is often part of the recovery process. Much like learning how to ride a bicycle, falling down isn’t the end but an opportunity to get back up and ride, stronger.

No matter where you are in your recovery, we want you to focus on healing. Our relapse prevention program ensures that by adding a tactical approach to proactive prevention.

What Is Case Management in Addiction Treatment?

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a life-long process. No matter where you are in the journey, having the support tools and being part of a sober community helps make living drug and alcohol free that much easier.

Our Substance Abuse Case Management includes a specialized first stage monitoring program, statistically proven to keep clients mindful of adhering to their commitment to sobriety. Upon admission to this program, clients are required to provide a UA (urine analysis) test, at random. They receive the UA test request notification via text message, phone call or email and are instructed when and where to take the test.

However, the first stage monitoring program does not require that a client remains in one specific city or state as there are monitoring labs nationwide. We have found that UA testing helps clients stay on top of their sobriety as failing (testing positive for substances) may call for increasing the frequency of testing from twice a month to three times a month. For those with alcohol use disorder, first stage monitoring also offers a breathalyzer test that can help prevent relapse in use.

The Benefits of Substance Abuse Case Management

Here at Bright Future Recovery, we know how difficult the process of undergoing addiction treatment can be on its own, as well as the concept of having to manage the disease for a lifetime.

For some, there are added complications when legal repercussions associated with alcohol and drug addiction need to be dealt with. And near 50 percent of people with a substance use disorder also

require medications necessary to treat co-occurring disorders. The quest to achieve lasting recovery can seem overwhelming and never-ending.

With our Substance Abuse Case Management, each client receives a designated Addiction Case Manager who works to create a customized program geared to help each individual with their unique situation. Throughout the case management process, clients and their families discuss treatment planning and how best to facilitate and coordinate the care. Should our clients require outside services, we make those resources readily accessible as well. Addiction Case Managers and other members of our core treatment team work together, evaluating every client’s progress from detox to sober living.

Our custom case management services may include:

  • Transportation Services
  • Insurance Management
  • Lab Testing
  • Counseling and Therapy
  • Job Assistance
  • Education and Training
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Fulfilling requirements of probation (due to a work-related incident of substance abuse involving medications, illicit drugs or alcohol)

Having one point of contact, a trusted Addiction Case Manager, to advocate and coordinate all of your needs helps make the journey to recovery a much easier process. So you can focus on what matters most: healing your mind, body, and spirit without distraction.

Please contact us to learn more about our personalized substance abuse case management and relapse prevention services.

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